Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The quality be negotiated?

Functionality, usability, time, cost and professionalism are some of the words most mentioned in the debate on the quality of the translations. But the real question is: would the quality be negotiated?
If we needed to submit to a highly complex surgery, we would look for the best professional that is within our reach. It can be that we have more or less financial resources, but it is certain that only Homer Simpson would be left operating by Dr. Nick Riviera. Then, why trust the translation of our documents to the cousin of the Secretariat who studied English when I was young?
If you want a quality product, we have to work with professionals. A professional translator prepares for years to handle the languages fluently, knows techniques that help get a better end product and knows which sources refer for information on topics that work. You have the tools needed to deliver a text in the target language well written, fluent and appropriate to the reader.
In addition, most likely to work with a network of colleagues to be associated whenever it receives a large project or that you need in a short time. If we have glossaries and reference texts, it is a good idea to share them with the translator to help you save time. But most importantly, remember that the translator is a human being, not a magician. And if we want quality work, we try to adapt to the times suggests.
To answer the question that gives title to this entry, we can summarize that, when we translate a text we do it with a goal. And so our text is functional to that goal, we must work with professional translators that to devote you the necessary time and give us a quality product.
At Trusted Translations make sure always work with professional translators specialized in various areas and provide them with the necessary resources so that they deliver products with the best quality in the shortest possible time. Do not hesitate to contact us for your next translation project.